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Medicated Chewing Gum, a delivery system with great benefits

It is well known that sugar-free chewing gum benefits oral care as it is a stimulator of saliva, while being a portable, enjoyable product. But, what if chewing gum was much more than that?

The action of chewing gum promotes the release of active ingredients. This is the main reason why we believe chewing gum is also a pleasant, efficient oral drug-delivery system for many different APIs. Medicated chewing gum offers:



Business Opportunity

Healthcare is a growing concern around the globe, as consumers have a more holistic approach to health. Consumers search for more efficient, pleasant ways to manage their wellbeing.

To address these consumer needs, the market for functional products is growing. Functional Chewing Gum and Medicated Confectionery are a reflection of this trend. The following graph shows the growth expected for the Consumer Health and Functional Chewing Gum markets:



There are a lot of opportunities to set your products apart from the pack in this market and add value for the millions of consumers who care about their health and wellbeing.


Discover an efficient & friendly way to deliver health and wellness

Health in Gum® products are developed to help your company launch a medicated chewing gum that is an efficient API delivery system and, at the same time, a great sensory experience.

Our products, based on our Health in Gum® powdered-excipient technology, comply with the highest standards: the production process complies with all statutory cGMP requirements, the international rules of quality assurance, complying with regular audits and regulatory guidelines.


There are many different ways we can help you develop and launch your medicated chewing gum:

1. Choosing a Health in Gum® finished product from our portfolio
The products in our portfolio have already been developed and are ready to be licensed and launched
2. Developing a finished product together
Our pharma capabilities enable us to provide support from product development through final production

All our developments are based on our Health in Gum® powdered-excipient technology.